Management Themes

The papers and presentations below from IMCA events, member papers or external sources summarise views on themes relevant to management of organisations large and small across all sectors.  They are listed below under the key headings.

Web Optimisation

SEO & Web Analytics, Rosey Broderick,

Mobile Applications

Presentations from Mobile Applications Workshop, June 2013

Governance / Legal 

IMCA Briefing - New Governance Governance Code (David Duffy, Prospectus, Sep 2011)


Improving Cashflow - Checklist (Brian Flanagan, Planware)


    IMCA Briefing - Boosting Innovation and Productivity (Prof. Frances Ruane, ESRI, Mar 2012)

    Management Innovation in the UK Consulting industry (UK Institute of Consulting, Oct 2011)


    Outsourcing in a Strategic Context (Tom Moriarty, MDR Consulting)


    IMCA Briefing - Public Procurement Tips (Peter Brennan, Bid Management Services, May 2011)

    Using Procurement to Generate Business Opportunities (Peter Brennan)

    Choosing Business Advisers (Willie Maxwell, Wellmax Management Consultants)

    10 Step Guide to SMART Procurement and SME Access to Public Contracts (DETE)

    Project and Business Planning

    Developing a Strategic Plan (Brian Flanagan, Planware)

    Delivering Successful Projects (Tom Moriarty, MDR Consulting)

    Management of Post-Merger Integration (Tom Moriarty, MDR Consulting)

    How to Write a Business Plan - Checklist (Brian Flanagan, Planware)

    Public Sector Reform (Irish Times articles; presented at event following IMCA AGM, 2010)

    SME Development

    Questions every owner/manager needs to answer in a downturn (Joe Kelleher, Michael O'Flanagan)


    Other documents and on-line resources targeted to support consultants in all stages of their business from upstream sales & marketing through to delivery of projects can be accessed in the Members Area - you need to log in to access these.



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