Consulting Guide

The IMCA Management Consulting Guide will serve as a valuable resource to you in providing services to your clients. Available in the Members Area it incorporates sample documents which can serve as the basis for your own documents and, where relevant, links to external resources giving additional information about specific areas. 

The Guide comprises four sections which cover the main aspects of running a consultancy practice:

1. Start a Practice

  • Initial Planning
  • Legal and Financial
  • Identity and Branding
  • Practice Operations

 2. Market a Practice

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Online Marketing
  • Customer Information
  • Proposal Submission

3. Manage Assignments

  • Before the Assignment
  • During the Assignment
  • After the Assignment

4. Collaborate

  • Principles of Collaboration
  • Types of Collaboration
  • Guidelines on Commission or Margin
  • Contracts for Sub-Contracting
  • Sub-Contract Checklist

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